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Stealthy gazes in first stills from tvN’s sci-fi mystery Circle

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Stealthy gazes in first stills from tvN’s sci-fi mystery Circle

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We have a bit more character information and gorgeous stills for tvN’s upcoming drama Circle: Two Connected Worlds. Circle is described as a new type of sci-fi chase drama with aliens, where the story will unfold on two tracks: One storyline unfolds in present-day South Korea and the other in 2037. And unlike in a drama such as Signal, the 2017 track will not communicate with the 2037 track. I’m wondering how they’ll make this work with two separate stories, but tvN has made its name producing dramas with novel storylines (Signal, Queen In-hyun’s Man, Answer Me 1997, Joseon X-Files), so I know this drama is in good hands.

In Part 1: Beta Project, Yeo Jin-gu (Jackpot) plays Kim Woo-jin, a brilliant college student who fights intensely to live. He discovers that his twin brother Bum-kyun (played by Ahn Woo-yeon, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon) is associated with a mysterious incident involving a series of deaths, which leads Yeo Jin-gu to pursue the truth at all costs. Gong Seung-yeon (Introverted Boss) plays college student Han Jung-yeon, who is described as the “goddess of engineering.” She leads a normal life until one day her best friend commits suicide, and her life becomes intertwined with Yeo Jin-gu’s as they try to find the truth about their loved ones together.

One thing I immediately noticed from the still images was the intense stares of the young actors, which made me think this must be the reason they picked Gong Seung-yeon for her first lead role. That girl comes with the stealthy gaze fully formed and at the ready. One thing I appreciated from her Introverted Boss role was how she could go from sweet to psycho in a heartbeat, which kind of reminded me of Park Bo-gum’s character in Hello Monster; both roles had an innocence and a craziness to them that the actors pulled off well. The production must be confident that Gong Seung-yeon can hold her own against Yeo Jin-gu, who brings the feels in everything he does.

Circle: Two Connected Worlds is a 12-episode drama written by a team of writers led by Ryu Moon-sang (drama specials Guitar and Hot Pants, Escaping Low Birth) and directed by Min Jin-ki (SNL Korea). It will broadcast Mondays and Tuesdays starting May 22, following The Liar and His Lover.

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