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SBS’s Suspicious Partner gets a new client in Dongha

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SBS’s Suspicious Partner gets a new client in Dongha

I’m always glad to see actors from my favorite shows move on to promising projects: Dongha is currently enjoying a wave of popularity for his part in the fantastic workplace comedy Chief Kim, and has now been cast in the upcoming SBS drama Suspicious Partner. Strike the iron while it’s hot, is what I say!

There isn’t much info on Dongha’s new character Hyun-soo, but we are told that he will bring an important case to Ji Chang-wook (The K2) and Nam Ji-hyun’s (Shopping King Louis) attention. Hmm, I wonder if that case has anything to do with the amnesiac killer plot point that was briefly mentioned in early reports and then never heard of again. Or if he could be the amnesiac killer! Dun dun dun.

In any case, I’m excited that Dongha, a talented young actor, is joining a cast of similarly young, talented actors (or hopefully talented, in Hello Venus idol Nara’s case since we’ve never seen her act). Dongha’s character trajectory in Chief Kim stood out in a show full of rewarding character growth, and his chaebol-to-human transformation was incredibly endearing.

And while I like him best as a chaebol heir in ridiculous suits taping up receipts, he has proved to be a versatile actor, playing a loyal-to-the-bitter-end gangster in JTBC’s Last and a bratty kid brother in SBS family weekender Feel-Good Day. So whatever his character Hyun-soo turns out to be, I trust Dongha will make it a memorable role.

Suspicious Partner, about young lawyers fighting back against a world full of prejudice, will follow Saimdang, Light’s Diary and premiere in May on SBS.

Before I go, in honor of throwback Thursdays, I will leave you with this:

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