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Name That Drama: Empty boxes and octopus-related discussions

Name That Drama: Empty boxes and octopus-related discussions


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  1. Can we all agree that empty boxes filled with “feelings” aren’t gifts?

    A particular scene bothered me when I watched Episode 12 of Cinderella and the Four Knights, it’s where Ji-woon gave Ha-won an empty box as a gift.

    I remember a hand opening a (red?) box, and that something was put inside. But he/she put nothing, and quickly closed the box. The box was also empty. Someone said, “Is it our precious memories?” Or you know, something along those lines. I didn’t remember the face, I only remember the hand!

    I’m being impossible with such a vague description, but that’s all I remember. What is this drama?


  2. Beanie sleuths, activate!

    I can’t remember the plot of this drama very well. All I can remember is that it’s about a girl who gets her dream job as a secrety, but it soon turns into a nightmare when she realizes her boss is terrible. I found the drama on Netflix, but it was taken down soon, so I couldn’t finish watching it.


  3. I’ll be impressed if you guys can find this one

    There’s a movie that I’ve been wanting to see, and I happened to watch the first five minutes like, five years ago. It’s definitely Korean, but I can’t seem to recall the actors or the general plot of the movie.

    All I remember from the start is that there are a number of different characters in the story, and it transitions between the “couples.” I remember that in one of the scenes, a girl got cheated on and they were arguing. In another scene, two people were talking and making out in a hotel room.

    It sounds like a mess and is very vague, but I’ve been searching for it for years now. Would be great to find out the name.


  4. This kind of sounds weirdly adorable

    Hi! The recent octopus/squid discussion in Drinking Solo made me think about another scene in another drama, but I can’t remember which one it was. It’s driving me crazy, and I was hoping someone could help. I saw it pretty recently, but that might not mean that it was a recent show.

    The female lead is upset, goes to a street stall, and gets very drunk. Someone there orders an octopus, and she’s very upset when the ahjumma has to pull the two of them apart, because she imagines that the two octopuses are in love. She does not find that comforting. And of course, one of the male leads is there to see her meltdown.

    I can visualize the scene playing out very well but not the actors, and I’m not sure of the details either. But it was a very distinctive scene!


  5. Oh oh oh!! I think I know this one

    This is a Korean drama, and I’m going to say it had to have aired within the last five years. I only remember one scene where a female character was working in a toll booth or something like that on the highway, and a male character drove by the booth and gave a ring in a box to the female character. He wasn’t proposing to her—he was either throwing it away, or he wanted her to throw it away. That’s all I remember, which isn’t much, but thanks.


  6. This one comes with clips!

    These are just a few minute clips of a drama that I watched a long time ago, but now I can’t remember the name or anything like the actor or actress’s names related to it! It was broadcasted by SBS. I don’t remember the year! It’s about this teacher, school life, romance, etc., and I can tell that it seems like it was telecasted long ago. (Not sure, though.)

    I don’t even know how I came across these clips on Youtube with these weird titles, but the drama itself was good! I have been searching for this for SO LONG but can’t seem to find it! I am desperate to watch it and you are my only resort left! Thank you in advance.


Thanks for playing, everyone — till next time!

Name That Drama: Empty boxes and octopus-related discussions

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