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Man to Man teases bromantic wrist-grabs and slo-mo runs

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Man to Man teases bromantic wrist-grabs and slo-mo runs

Hee, now I’m looking forward to Man to Man most of all in the new drama lineup. The latest teaser for JTBC’s new spy bromance drama starring Park Hae-jin (Cheese in the Trap) and Park Sung-woong (Remember–Son’s War) is the best one yet. It features a classic rom-com slow-motion run with Park Hae-jin leading Park Sung-woong away by the wrist like a swoony hero, and I swear that Park Sung-woong looks a little smitten in the moment.

The action comedy stars Park Hae-jin as a ghost agent who specializes in undercover work where he takes on a new persona for each mission and disappears without a trace. The story begins as he takes on a peculiar mission where he has to go undercover as a bodyguard to an actor. Park Sung-woong plays the top Hallyu star who made a name for himself playing badass villains, and Kim Min-jung (Gap-dong) is his biggest fan who turned her love for oppa into a legitimate career when she became his manager.

The new teaser opens inside Park Sung-woong’s celebrity van, where he complains to his driver about being late to his shoot because of all the traffic. New bodyguard Park Hae-jin says there’s another way and suddenly gets out of the car in the middle of the highway. Park Sung-woong: “Is he quitting three and a half hours after he started the job?” But the van door opens and Park Hae-jin wrist-grabs him out to street and says, “Just trust me. I won’t make you late,” and starts running with Park Sung-woong in tow.

From the staff car behind them, Kim Min-jung just sees the new bodyguard kidnapping her oppa and gives chase, screaming, “Oppa! Where are you going?! Opppppaaaaaaaa~!” But then it gets really hilarious as the men run in slow-motion and Park Hae-jin looks back at Park Sung-woong with a little smile, like they’re suddenly in a rom-com. My favorite touch: Park Sung-woong’s flower pajamas and flip-flops. Park Hae-jin gets them onto the subway just in time, still wrist-in-hand, and adds a jaunty little wave to taunt Kim Min-jung who’s been left behind.

The second segment of the teaser introduces our three main characters. Park Hae-jin says he’s a ghost agent and calls himself “a nameless shadow.” Park Sung-woong is the “bad guy Hallyu star,” and Kim Min-jung is the “zenith of fandom” manager who praises the new bodyguard on his chemistry with oppa, heh. But by the end things take a darker turn with a real kidnapping, and she says, “There’s something strange about that bodyguard. I have a bad feeling.” Park Hae-jin says to someone, “No matter who you are, you’re going to die by my hand.”

I have a better feel for the show’s tone and its sense of humor from the recent teasers, and it’s getting pretty hard not to get my expectations up for all the secret identity hijinks and bromantic chemistry to come!

Man to Man follows Strong Woman Do Bong-soon on Fridays and Saturdays beginning April 21.



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