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Lee David confirms psycho-religious thriller Rescue Me

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Lee David confirms psycho-religious thriller Rescue Me

Chungmuro’s rising star Lee David (Split) has confirmed his next drama project: Rescue Me, which is the psychological thriller based on a webtoon created by Jo Geum-san. It’s a thought experiment made into a fictional story, to determine what people choose in a tense, potentially dangerous situation: escaping by themselves, or going deeper to save others. In Rescue Me, Seo Ye-ji (Hwarang) is set to play a mysterious girl with melancholy eyes who whispers a desperate plea for help in an alleyway.

The drama is centered around how this circumstance comes about, which is related to a pseudo-religious cult’s activities, and how four different young unemployed individuals all come to her aid. Taecyeon was recently offered the lead role, and if he confirms, it’ll be a reunion with Lee David, who was his Bring It On, Ghost co-star. Lee David’s character is one of the four rescuers, a student on leave from university.

Jo Jae-yoon (Defendant) and Park Ji-young (The Liar and His Lover) have also signed on to round out the cast. Jo Jae-yoon will be a fanatic religious nut who blindly follows the orders of the charismatic cult leader played by Jo Sung-ha (The K2). His project choices had me doing a meta-LOL because he’s going from presidential candidate to cult leader, given the entire Park Geun-hye and Choi Tae-min debacle that’s being currently investigated.

OCN’s upcoming weekend drama Rescue Me will premiere this summer in July.

Jo Jae-yoon, Park Ji-young

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