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Kim Ye-won confirms, Chansung cameos in legal drama Suspicious Partner

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Kim Ye-won confirms, Chansung cameos in legal drama Suspicious Partner

Chansung, Kim Ye-won

Kim Ye-won (Tomorrow With You) has been added to the cast of Nam Ji-hyun (Shopping King Louis) and Ji Chang-wook’s (The K2) legal romance Suspicious Partner. The upcoming drama is about how martial artist-turned-prosecutor Nam Ji-hyun and prosecutor-turned-lawyer Ji Chang-wook fight against the world’s prejudice, mature through apology and sacrifice, and fall in love in the process. Kim Ye-won will play the role of Nam Ji-hyun’s training colleague who becomes involved with her in a complicated love triangle.

I’m hoping that their relationship will have more of a playful frenemy dynamic (like Kim Ye-won had with Shin Mina in Tomorrow With You) rather than an actual angsty jealousy arc because Kim Ye-won shines playing cute, comedic characters. Last week, Choi Tae-joon (Missing 9) and Hello Venus’s Nara were reported to have signed on as the second leads, who may or may not find love with each other after suffering from one-sided crushes on the first leads.

In addition, 2PM’s Chansung (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki) will make a special cameo in the first episode as Nam Ji-hyun’s ex-boyfriend, who is also the son of the district prosecutor chief. He was originally cast in Jang Nara’s ajumma sleuth drama Housewife Detective, but that’s been put on hold for a month, so I guess he’ll be filming for Suspicious Partner in the meantime. Early story synopses described a murderer on the loose, with Nam Ji-hyun being framed, and if this plotline still holds, I’m looking forward to watching Suspicious Partner because it’s coming from the same writer as I Remember You, Kwon Ki-young, whose portrayal of Park Bo-gum as an amoral but innocent killer was complex and interesting.

SBS’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama Suspicious Partner will begin airing this May, after Saimdang, Light’s Diary finishes its run.

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