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Jo In-sung rises from pawn prosecutor to The King in political action-thriller

It has been way too long since I’ve seen Jo In-sung. Even though he made a delightful cameo appearance in Dear My Friends at the beginning of this year, I just can’t get enough of him. Thankfully, his movie The King will be released just next month in January.

For the upcoming film, Jo In-sung plays Park Tae-soo, a lowly prosecutor who dreams of infinite wealth and power. Jung Woo-sung (Asura) plays Han Kang-shik, a soaring star in the political realm who is the number one candidate for Chief Attorney-General. When Tae-soo meets Han Kang-shik, he realizes that his dreams are within his grasp if he can just grab onto this man’s coattails.

The King tells the story of how rising political mastermind Han Kang-shik and his power-hungry follower Park Tae-soo scheme and manipulate to become the ultimate kings of their world. Ryu Joon-yeol (Lucky Romance) plays Tae-soo’s gangster-friend bestie, and Kim Ah-joong (Wanted) his wife. The one person next to Han Kang-shik is his right-hand man, played by Bae Sung-woo (My Sassy Girl 2).

The trailer gives off a caper film-vibe, which I’m really digging. It starts off with Han Kang-shik’s voiceover to Tae-soo:

Can’t you see it?
I am history.
I am this country.

Seeing how Han Kang-shik’s climb to power so closely resembles that of the most illustrious figures in Korean history, Tae-soo decides that following him will be the fastest way to the pivotal center of monumental power.

Then the scene shifts to a lifestyle of successful decadence and glorified violence, with Tae-soo seeming to enjoy every single moment. A female voice asks in the background, “Links to gangs, negligent investigations, and media coercion — have there ever been such trash politicians in Korea?” Almost in reply, Tae-soo narrates, “I wanted to become King.”

The ending clip of the ludicrous shaman ceremony and the trailer music suggests that there will be some funny moments in the movie. Since it’s coming from Han Jae-rim, the director of The Face Reader, who managed to convey both emotional depth and farcical humor in his sageuk film, I won’t be surprised if the comedic delivery is top-notch.

Political action film The King will premiere in January 2017.

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