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Gu Hye-sun offered role as Uhm Jung-hwa’s copycat in You’re Too Much

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Gu Hye-sun offered role as Uhm Jung-hwa’s copycat in You’re Too Much

Uhm Jung-hwa, Gu Hye-sun

We haven’t seen Gu Hye-sun on the small screen since her marriage to Blood co-star Ahn Jae-hyun, although he has been active in both dramas and variety. But now her agency, YG Entertainment, announced that Gu is currently considering the weekend family drama You’re Too Much for her comeback project.

Uhm Jung-hwa (Witch’s Romance) is also in talks to be a lead, and was offered the role of a popular singer named Yoo Ji-na. If Gu Hye-sun confirms, her character will be copycat singer Yoo Jwi-na, who mimics Yoo Ji-na’s every move to gain fame and success.

I’m curious to see how this plays out because the two actresses are opposite in many aspects including age, acting style, and overall career trajectory. They’re fifteen years apart, and while they both seem to be successful when acting in romantic comedies, they usually take vastly different roles. Uhm Jung-hwa’s characters are often strong career-driven women, while Gu Hye-sun has often played Candys or sheltered princesses. Originally, Uhm Jung-hwa started as a pop singer and became the ultimate sexy diva cultural icon of the nineties, then transitioned into acting; conversely, Gu Hye-sun started out as an actress (Pure 19, Boys Over Flowers) and has branched into directing and screenwriting in the past few years.

MBC weekend family drama You’re Too Much will be written by Ha Chung-ok (Make a Woman Cry), a veteran writer of family dramas. It plans to start broadcasting next February, after currently airing Blow Breeze finishes its run.

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