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Ex-boyfriend cameo and first script read for KBS’s Third-Rate My Way

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Ex-boyfriend cameo and first script read for KBS’s Third-Rate My Way

It’s only been about a month since Hwarang ended, but Park Seo-joon (Hwarang) is already back at KBS for his upcoming show Third-Rate My Way. Hey, you won’t hear me complaining—more Park Seo-joon is the best kind of Park Seo-joon. First production stills have been released of the script reading that took place on March 24, where Park Seo-joon was joined by fellow castmates Kim Ji-won (Descended From the Sun), Ahn Jae-hong (Answer Me 1988), Song Ha-yoon (My Daughter Geum Sa-wol), Kim Sung-oh (Warm and Cozy), and Choi Woo-shik (Ho-gu’s Love), as well as director Lee Na-jung.

I have high hopes for this show, which features characters labeled by the world as living “third-rate lives” for their lack of specs. The story will focus on their individual growth and, of course, romance. It looks like the vibe of the show will include a comedic bent, and the script reading was reportedly punctuated with laughter throughout. To cast actors like Ahn Jae-hong and Kim Sung-oh and NOT include the funny would be criminal.

Park Seo-joon’s character Go Dong-man, described as a crafty teenager in the body of an adult (manchild alert), will initially clash with Kim Ji-won’s Choi Ae-ra, who sounds like a no-filter, bad-mouthed badass. Part of her character description includes, “You mess with me and I’ll bite you,” HA. But they’ll find common ground in their fierce loyalty to those around them and develop a budding relationship.

Ahn Jae-hong’s Kim Joo-han, labeled the “brain” of the “Idiot Fantastic Four,” is in a 6-year relationship with Baek Seol-hee, portrayed by Song Ha-yoon and described as innocent and quirky. Seol-hee’s universe revolves around her boyfriend but their relationship will be put to the test by Pyo Ye-jin’s (Laurel Tree Tailors) character, one of those born-with-a-silver-spoon types. My heart is already hurting for Seol-hee; I hope her growth trajectory involves giving as good as she gets.

Also, it looks like Choi Woo-shik will not be alone in putting a short appearance in the drama: Everyone’s favorite bodyguard warrior Kwak Dong-yeon (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) will be making a short cameo in the first episode as Ae-ra’s ex. Would it be too weird for his character to have a mane of glory, just for old times’ sake? He could be like a Hongdae hipster rocker! Gat Byung-yeon 4 life, yo.

Third-Rate My Way will follow currently airing Perfect Wife and premiere in May. Can’t wait!

Via Sports Chosun, iMBC


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