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Announcement: Dramabeans is getting a makeover


Announcement: Dramabeans is getting a makeover


A new Dramabeans is on its way! We’ve been talking for months about a redesigned Dramabeans with upgraded features, and we’re excited to inform you that we’re finally (finally!) ready to roll it out this weekend.

We will be making the switch over to the new site this Friday night/Saturday ungodly hours of morning, which means that during the transition period, we will be disabling the commenting functions on the site and not posting new content until we’ve made it over to the other side. Fingers crossed, the new site will be up and running by Saturday (America time zones), and you will be able to resume commenting on posts.

On the new and improved Dramabeans, you’ll also be able to sign up for accounts, configure profile pages, and more good stuff, which we will explain in more detail once we make the crossover. Till then, wish us good luck!

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