1% of Anything: Episode 6


There likely won’t ever be an end to the bickering with someone like Jae-in as one-half of this contract couple, but now both Da-hyun and Jae-in are starting to show just how much they care about one another. While misunderstandings do spring up this episode, Jae-in and Da-hyun are finally …

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Trickster of the month Lee Min-ho


Drama Casting & News Trickster of the month Lee Min-ho SBS’s upcoming fantasy-romance drama Legend of the Blue Sea is taking an interesting approach to a first promotional character cut, by putting its star, Lee Min-ho, on the cover of a fake magazine (“Trickster monthly”) which depicts him as …

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The K2: Episode 10


Ensuring Anna’s safety will be even more important this hour when nearly everyone around her is preparing for battle. Everything may be fair in love and war, but it’ll take everything in Je-ha’s arsenal to keep her out of the crossfire. When this world is full of people who are …

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Beans of Wisdom: Tables over history

Beans of Wisdom: Chaebols in suits

This week in Beans of Wisdom… angieya writes about Shopping King Louis in “Team Dramabeans: What we’re watching” comment #11: It cracks me up that at the beginning of this drama most of us were expecting to see amnesiac Louis’ journey in becoming more self-sufficient with the help of the …

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Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 18


Oh, it’s so messy, everything is messy, how ever will they get themselves out of this one? This ill-fated triangle takes a battering as the share-house turns into a real-life, real-time personality test, and Na-ri is forced to examine her own motives. But is the choice really between ticking boxes …

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News bites: October 22, 2016


Drama Casting & News News bites: October 22, 2016 Event organizers had estimated 200 fans would show, but they were sorely off the mark. Over 5,000 people were in attendance for a Moonlight Drawn By Clouds fan signing event held on the afternoon of October 19. Stars Park …

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Team Dramabeans: What we’re watching


Another week, and the drama list just grows! We’ve got finales to put behind us and fresh premieres just around the corner, so let’s weigh in. Tell us what shows you’ve been cozying up with lately, and what made you go back to hit that rewind button, or grab that …

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